Outstanding author interviews

I’ve been blown away lately by the lengths that some authors have gone to for their reading public!

The first is an interview with the creators of Battle Bunny.  The brilliant Mac Barnett and jon Scieszka.  Colby Sharp is a Grade 3 teacher who asked his students to help him create an interview, Battle Bunny style for Mr. Barnett and Scieszka to answer.  The results are hilarious.


The second is an illustrated interview between teacher-librarian Travis Jonkers and author Herve Tullet.  I’d love to print out some of Herve’s answers and frame them for my library!


The third, isn’t an interview per say, but is just pure brilliance.  A couple of years ago Youth librarian Lucas Maxwell at the Tantallon Public Library in Nova Scotia decided to celebrate their library’s 10th anniversary by writing several different authors asking them to write a letter back, addressed to the youth of Nova Scotia, outlining the benefits of reading and libraries in general.  The responses he got….well read for yourself.




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