It’s not just about the books, end of the year musings.

I always find the last few weeks of the school year interesting.  I get completely absorbed in things I NEED to get done by the last day of school, the normal things, like shelf reading, and inventory, and trying to get as many outstanding books back as I possibly can.  These things are important, but I find there are things outside the library that become more important.  Like supervising on field trips, so that the kids get to know you as someone other than “the weird library lady”.  Like running a 10K race with thirteen students who realize they are capable of so much more.  Like getting 4 grade five students to help me clean out disgusting, moldy compost buckets, and do it with smiles, and laughter, no matter how disgusting it was 🙂

A very wise person once told me that it’s sometimes more important to be there for the kids, to be a listening ear, than to be there to run the library, I try to do my best at both.

Today, on the last day of school when I am usually in the library by myself for the last couple of hours trying to finish up odds and ends, and counting down the minutes as much as the kids, a grade 8 student who I had gotten to know through various activities through the year decided to spend his last 45 minutes in the building as a student chatting with me, about life, about books, about everything.

I don’t know if I made a difference in his life over the past few years, but I know he’s made a difference in mine, and I can’t think of a better way to have spent my last 45 minutes in the building this year.


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