End of the year amusement – Entrepreneurs

It’s that lovely time of year, when I collect the 1500 outstanding books from the school.  Shelf read the library (can you sense the excitement of putting every book on the shelf in order?……goosebumps I tell you).  Then doing a complete inventory.

It’s a bit mind numbing.  I always find classic books as I complete all of these tasks.  Today I found this book.  The cover alone stood out, I didn’t know who this Entrepreneur was, but his 90’s look, and self-confidence grabbed me immediately.  Plus he’s Canadian….tell me more!!!


Then I opened the book, and I laughed even more.  The classic Canadian entrepreneur that all children should aspire to be appeared on page two.  Compete with picture that should have ended up anywhere but in print. 


This is why you weed your collection.  Books that can seem new are easily filled with misinformation depending on the topic.  But man do I enjoy reading them.


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