Review – On a beam of light : a story of Albert Einstein By: Jennifer Berne. c2013.


Picture book biographies are becoming outstandingly wonderful.  One of the most recent, “On a beam of light : a story of Albert Einstein” is a spring favorite.  It’s simple language and brilliant pen and ink drawings appeal to people of all ages.

One of the most enjoyable things about this biography is as much as the author discusses what a genius Einstein was, she spends equally as much time talking about Einstein as a person, allowing the reader to relate to him as a human being first and foremost.

“Albert even chose his clothes for thinking.  His favorite were his comfy, old saggy-baggy sweaters and pants.  And shoes without socks.  He said now that he was a grown up, no one could tell him to put on his socks.”

The book follows Einstein from his early years as a child, through to the end of his life and his many scientific discoveries.  More than that though, it allows you to dream, to imagine, to explore. Anything is possible.

“Albert thought and figured until the very last minute of the very last day of his life.  He asked questions never asked before.  Found answers never found before, and dreamed up ideas never dreamt before”

Age 6 and up.


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