The art of weeding


Weeding is an art form.  Where you go through the shelves and get rid of classic books about the Soviet Union, or those new fan-dangled tube tv’s!I I weeded this beautiful book from a school library I worked in about 7 years ago.  By and far the best/worst I’ve found in a collection.  The title alone made me giggle, but the addition of the sticker asking the user to please wash their hands before reading was the icing on the cake.

When you open it though, you find beautiful poetry, about death, and people being shot, right next to poetry about what little girls are made of.  It’s like dressing up as a clown and then talking to children about suicide, what in the world???  It now belongs on my bookshelf at home, a classic.

photo(1)O  photo(2)

I also removed many wonderful books from that collection that boasted they were “now in colour!”….nooooo who splurged to get it in REAL COLOUR!!!!  There’s a fanastic website that is dedicated to many of these wonderful books that long ago should have been taken off library shelves.  Amuse yourselves at http://


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