Review – Jake and Lily by: Jerry Spinelli


I’m not sure if I’m happier that I loved a Jerry Spinelli book or that I just loved this book period.  I’ll admit it.  I’ve never been a Jerry Spinelli fan.  I’ve tried to enjoy his stories in the past, and oh have I tried.  But they just never really grabbed me.  Then along came Jake and Lily.

The book is written in two voices with Lily and Jake alternating chapters/entries.   Jake and Lily are twins.  But not only are they twins, they’re best friends, one half of the other.  All of that changes the summer they turn eleven.  They get separate bedrooms, Jake starts hanging out with a group of guys, and Lily is left devastated.  What ensues is a summer where Lily and Jake have to figure out what kind of people they are individually.  Great topics on bullying and becoming your own person.  Between Goombla and Goobers, this is an excellent summer read.

Grade 4-7